Open Store Remodels

open store remodel

Keeping stores open during a remodel can be an efficient way to minimize store revenue decreases, but it also requires careful planning to ensure each site stays on track. Whether you’re remodeling one location or hundreds, QPM has the tools and experience to help you execute your project with excellence – while preventing some of the common pitfalls of open-store remodels.

At QPM, we take the time to understand not just the existing issues and permitting requirements, we also pay careful attention to the customer experience – because after all, the less your remodel impacts your customers, the less it will impact your bottom line. 

With a history of managing remodel projects in a variety of industries and with a wide range of client needs, we have the expertise to handle your open-store remodel, including:

  • Early review of scope and site drawings
  • Understanding of the equipment ordering process and permitting process
  • Identifying potential site issues
  • Preconstruction and site progress meetings
  • Careful scheduling and phased approaches to minimize the impact
  • Daily progress reporting with our web-based project management system
  • Consistent execution across a variety of locations and retail footprints

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What Can QPM Do for You?
Good question. Below is a short list of additional remodel services we provide. Contact us if you want to learn more. We are happy to help.

  • Equipment delivery and staging based on your project’s schedule
  • Navigating local jurisdictions or city codes that may complicate the process of décor and equipment removal
  • ADA compliance
  • Temporary restroom facilities
  • Planning back-up power sources or generators for the time of changeovers
  • Training your personnel on new equipment
  • Multiple floorplans, such as drive-through windows or garden centers
  • Coordinating any “furnished-by-owner” items